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Brand: EGO Model: EGO CH5500E Rapid Charger
EGO POWER+ Infinity quick battery charger 30 Minute Quick Charger for a 2 amp battery. All the Ego 56 volt batteries can be charge with this charger.The EGO POWER+ Infinity quick battery charger has a revolutionary charging system. In just 30 minutes, a depleted battery can be fully recharged. The a..
£85.00 £94.99
Ex Tax:£70.83
Brand: EGO Model: EGO EA0800
EGO EA0800 MULTI-TOOL EDGER ATTACHMENTClip the shaft into the power head and you have a lightweight controllable lawn edger. A 92 cm aluminum shaft set the edger at a comfortable working height and a guide wheel lets you run it around the lawn taking the weight.The 3 mm thick 20 cm long metal b..
£119.00 £129.00
Ex Tax:£99.17
Brand: EGO Model: EGO HT2411E Hedge Trimmer Kit
The EGO POWER+ HT2411E Hedge Trimmer kit is the most powerful rechargeable product of its kind, performing as well as, or better than premium gas-powered models.It runs on the industry’s most powerful battery, the first-ever 56-volt lithium-ion battery with 40% more power than the leading 40-volt ba..
£299.00 £319.00
Ex Tax:£249.17
Brand: EGO Model: EGO HTA2000
EGO HTA2000 MULTI-TOOL HEDGE TRIMMER ATTACHMENTLaser cut, diamond ground blades, and simple angle adjustment make this trimmer as precise as it is powerful.12 different positions are quickly adjusted with the solid location. A solid steel shaft drive and quick coupling transfer the power.The attachm..
£199.00 £219.00
Ex Tax:£165.83
Brand: EGO Model: EGO LB5301E Cordless leaf blower Kit
For clearing small to medium-sized spaces, the Ego Power + LB5301E cordless blower kit includes a 2.5Ah lithium ion battery and standard charger. This lightweight leaf blower includes turbo boost mode which allows up to 900m3 air volume to shift stubborn wet leaves or heavier patches.The 2.5Ah batte..
£269.00 £279.00
Ex Tax:£224.17
Brand: EGO Model: EGO Power + LM1701E
The EGO LM1701E 42cm mower is perfect for mowing in smaller spaces and medium sized gardens. The cutting height settings range from 20mm to 80mm, so you can mow the way you need. This push lawn mower moves over all types of lawn with ease, and has a lightweight polymer deck which is strong and durab..
£455.00 £519.00
Ex Tax:£379.17
Brand: EGO Model: EGO Power + LM1702E-SP
The EGO LM1702E-SP 42cm mower is perfect for mowing in smaller spaces and medium sized gardens. The cutting height settings range from 20mm to 80mm, so you can mow the way you need. It's self-propelled variable speed will tackle sloping and undulating lawns with ease. The lightweight poly deck is th..
£545.00 £599.00
Ex Tax:£454.17
Brand: EGO Model: EGO Power + LM1903E-SP
This fantastic EGO Power+ LM1903E-SP 47 cm Self-Propelled Mower kit has everything you need to start cutting straight away. It includes the 19" EGO LM1903E lawnmower, one 5 Amp Hour 56 volt lithium-ion battery, and the rapid charger which charges in 30 minutes for mowing 800sqm on a charge.&nbs..
£629.00 £689.00
Ex Tax:£524.17
Brand: EGO Model: EGO LM2021E-SP
This fantastic EGO Power+ LM2021E-SP 50cm Self-Propelled Mower kit has everything you need to start cutting straight away. Reduce noise and service costs, as well as emitting zero emissions during use. The EGO Power+ LM2021E-SP 50cm self-propelled mower is perfect for tackling la..
£789.00 £819.00
Ex Tax:£657.50
The Ego Power LM2135E-SP battery Lawnmower KIt comes with the LM2130E-SP lawnmower. One 7.5Ah battery  and the quick charger. A 52cm blade & Self-propelled with an automatic variable cutting speed, it's designed to take the strain off the user allowing you to cut up to 1000sqm on a single c..
£849.00 £919.00
Ex Tax:£707.50
Brand: EGO Model: EGO MHCC1002E
Ego MHCC1002E Multi-Tool KitThe MHCC1002E has everything you need to tackle all jobs above the ground, this kit includes the power head (PH1400E) with hedge trimmer (HTA2000) and pole saw (PSA1000) attachments together with a 2.5Ah battery and rapid charger.The Powerhead PH1400E has a brushless..
£619.00 £659.00
Ex Tax:£515.83
Brand: EGO Model: EGO PH1400E
EGO PH1400E Multi Tool power headThe Multi-tool power head is very versatile and can be coupled with 5 attachments which make garden chores easier.The attachments are simply inserted into the coupling and the variable speed trigger ensures that you have the right amount of power when you need it. Th..
£199.00 £229.00
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